Roof Walkways

Roof walkways ensure compliance when managing height and roof top risks, such as slippery surfaces, roof edges and restricted walkway zones.

Adelaide Height Safety offers a range of high-quality aluminium and fibre Roof Walkways developed by the Sayfa Group.

Sayfa walkways offer ON-TRAK Fibre walkways, that are made from Premium grade fire retardant, UV inhibited polyester resin incorporating a composite fibre reinforcement inlay (thermo setting in nature, not thermoplastic).

Utilising a quick-clip option, walkways can be fitted with unique Trak Tite mounting clips that are non-penetrating.

Walkways are specifically designed with our clients load limits, building structures and maintenance needs in mind.

Our roof walkway systems comply to AS1657:1992 and relevant statutory WGHS codes of Practice/Guidelines.

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